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16 Oct 2020

A New European Bauhaus launched

The European Commission President Von der Leyen has announced the New European Bauhaus, a movement intended to be a bridge between the world of science and technology and the world of art and culture. It is bringing the #EUGreenDeal to life and to develop an aesthetic for the green transformation.

The New European Bauhaus will be a driving force to bring the European Green Deal to life in an attractive, innovative and human-centred way. It will be a movement based on sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics to bring the European Green Deal closer to people. Everyone should be able to feel, see and experience the green transformation.

The New European Bauhaus will be:

  • a forum for discussion
  • a space for art and culture
  • an experimentation lab
  • an accelerator
  • a hub for global networks and experts
  • a contact point for citizens interested in the topic

It is aimed at:

  • architects
  • artists
  • students
  • scientists
  • engineers
  • designers
  • and others who wish to contribute

In the first wave: 2021 onwards.

For example five Bauhaus projects. All focused on sustainability, art and culture; each with a different emphasis: > Natural building materials and energy efficiency > Demographics > Green digital innovation > ...and more 

In the second wave 2023 > Bauhaus projects and network in and outside Europe > Platform and creative spaces > Bauhaus knowledge hub - identifying technologies and materials - using big data and artificial intelligence - engaging with stakeholders and citizens

Watch this space! and download the information leaflet: /media/2020/10/Bauhaus_EU.pdf.pdf