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08 Jun 2012

Kaunas Architecture Festival (KAFe) 2013 | call for proposals


The new upcoming Kaunas Architecture Festival (KAFe-2013) aims at raising architectural awareness and understanding among different groups of audience – both professionals of architecture and design, as well as engaged and motivated citizens and guests who simply enjoy good and inspiring architecture, and who want to know more about its international trends.

Proposals are welcome

For its first edition planned in the second part of 2013, KAFe-2013 welcomes proposals from architects, artists and other culture-related professionals in different formats: lectures, exhibitions, talks, workshops on the proposed Event Theme - Historical City Centers and their Waterfronts.

KAFe-2013 Dates and Event Theme

  • KAFe-2013 Event in Kaunas will be held for the first time, with the aim to become a biennial International Event of such scale and scope

  • Duration of the event: 4 weeks

  • Dates of the event: September-October 2013

  • Theme of the event: Historical City Centers and their Waterfronts.

Aims of KAFe-2013

As an open event targeted at different audiences, KAFe-2013 plans to engage architects, design professionals and students, and citizens of Kaunas city and guests of Lithuania into development of a constructive dialogue and mutual awareness about city development and its architecture as playing significant role in the city’s public life, its quality of well-being, and citizen awareness, engagement and activism.

This International Event aims to promote collaborative engagement among architecture professionals of different age, education, professional experience and cultural standing. It also seeks to establish and promote partnerships between various international institutions and countries and cultural and geographic regions.

Activities of KAFe-2013

  • International Conference dedicated to the theme „Historical City Centers and their Waterfronts“ - experience sharing on issues such as contemporary questions in planning of waterfronts, historical city development

  • International Student Projects Exhibition focused on student Diploma projects 2012 / 2013 (BA and MA) and designs on the proposed Event Theme

  • International Architectural Event „East-East“ - 3 day workshop and exhibition involving architects and students from Lithuania and Japan

  • Series of Public Lectures and project exhibitions of visiting architects about city planning, its historical development and the role and functions of waterfronts in modern city life.


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