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11 Jun 2011 - 27 Jul 2011

Human Frames Exhibition | Kunst-im-Tunel

Come experience the  vibrant "Human Frames" exhibition displaying on tunnel walls and television screens at Kunst-Im-Tunnel Museum, Düsseldorf, Germany, running from 11.6. - 24.7.2011. Curated by Silke Schmickl, Stéphane Gérard, Masayo Kajimura, Victric Thng and François Michaud, the "Human Frames" cycle is an effervescent experimental film and video art exhibition inspired by the ancient theory of humoralism as a framework by which to analyze certain aspects of the human character. In the form of ten thematically compiled film programs that concentrate upon themes such as happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation, melancholy, the exhibition will re-examine and illuminate human existence at the start of the twenty-first century including the perspective of the eastern concepts mono no aware ('the pathos of things') and impermanence. In a panoply of juxtaposition, the exhibition is an encounter of unorthodox film and video art between Asian and European artists. Piece by piece they portray a timeless and universal panorama of human tempers that lay beyond national, social and cultural affiliations to form a sentimental portrait of the human condition. The launch of the "Human Frames" cycle took place in February 2011 and it was hosted by the independent arts space The Substation, Singapore. The Human Frames project was  selected under the Asia-Europe Cultural Partnership Initiative: Film 2010 (AECPI: Film) programme which was initiated by the Asia Europe Foundation and supported collaborative projects from both regions. The entire "Human Frames" program has recently been supported by the Centre National de la Cinématographie to be produced as a DVD collection. Look out for its official launch happening by the fall. If you are interested to exhibit the Human Frames program or simply wish to share your comments, kindly send a message to