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25 Oct 2012 - 27 Nov 2012

Festival/Tokyo 2012

[caption id="attachment_26773" align="alignnone" width="500" caption=""Castle of Dreams" (2011) Text, Direction: Daisuke Miura © Bruno De Tollenaere"][/caption] The fifth edition of Festival/Tokyo (F/T12) is be held in north Tokyo this autumn, from October 27th to November 25th. This year the Festival will once again make fundamental inquiries into how we can talk about reality through the arts and theatre, how we can (or cannot) re-grasp the present: without forgetting what has happened in March 2011, but rather memorizing and discussing it, and then making it into a seed towards future creation and the rehabilitation of the disaster zones. The previous 4 festivals have attracted a total of over 220,000 visitors from around the world and, through its unique programs of through interactive and site-specific theatre, F/T has garnered attention as an event representing not only Tokyo, but Japan as a whole. F/T11 was based on the theme of "What can we say?", a from-the-heart response to the terrible catastrophe that struck Japan in 2011. It sought to re-connect with our lost sense of reality through the power of the arts, and presented a packed and globally acclaimed line-up of performances and projects envisioning a new future. F/T12 follows on from this work and continues to search for the post-disaster vision, setting out to influence the currents of world arts as a festival representative of Asia. Productions in the program this eyar include three plays by Nobel Prize-winner Elfriede Jelinek, visiting performances from Iran, Hungary, France and Korea, and leading and up-and-coming Japanese artists presenting their new creations. The F/T Emerging Artists Program also functions like a fringe or satellite festival within the main program, showcasing the latest new talent from the Asian continent. Source: Festival/Tokyo

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