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27 May 2011 - 04 Oct 2017

European Creativity and Innovation Day 2011

Despite the value of creativity and innovation to Europe and towards its attempts to meet the goals set at the Lisbon and Gothenburg Declarations, there is a perceived need to further raise awareness about the relevance of and the need for creativity and innovation in Europe. It is for this reason that the European Creativity and Innovation Day is being organized, as an activity of the Interreg IVB (North Sea) Project "Creative City Challenge" and involving institutions, organisations and projects from across Europe. One of the aims of the project is to to foster creativity and innovation in the North Sea Region and beyond by showcasing the potential of creativity and innovation in cities, represented by business, economic development agencies, education institutions and local government and disseminate their activities. This event is transnational and will include exhibitions, workshops, seminars, concerts, shows, and guided tours. It will also offer a specialist seminar entitled "Creativity and Innovation in Europe: Towards Synergies and Partnerships". Activities will take place in the following cities:
  • Bremen (Germany)
  • Dundee (Scotland)
  • Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Hamburg (Germany)
  • Hoje-Taastrup (Denmark)
  • Kortrijk (Belgium)
  • Newcastle (England)
  • Oldenburg (Germany)
The Creative City Challenge Workshop for 2011 is called "From Endless Discussions to Efficient Meetings" and invites creative entrepreneurs/employees to take part in the event. Individuals working in the music, literature, art/art market, theatre, dance, film, broadcasting, design (product, fashion, graphic and communication design fields are encouraged to register. The workshop will be held in Hamburg. The project ‘Creative City Challenge’ analyses challenges and barriers confronting the creative sector in the North Sea Region. It was launched in September 2009 to focus on creative enterprises working in the following areas:
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Art/Art Market
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Broadcasting
  • Design (product, fashion, graphic and communication design)
  • Architecture
  • Public Relations/Media
  • Software and Games
Source: Creative City Challenge