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07 Mar 2024 - 20 Mar 2024

East Asia Film Festival Ireland 2024

The East Asia Film Festival Ireland (EAFFI) will be presented for the 8th time from 7 to 10 March 2024 in Dublin, before touring a special programme from Dublin to Limerick and Cork until 20 March. 

Presented with the Irish Film Institute (IFI), the festival brings works from prominent and emerging writers and directors from diverse cultural and social backgrounds across East Asian cinema to audiences in Ireland.

These films reflect on individual and communal experiences, and observe and explore life and relationships in an eclectic mix of fiction, documentary, and classic titles. At the programme’s centre is a season of rare screenings by auteur filmmaker Edward Yang (1947–2007). Revered as ‘the thinker of urban culture,’ Yang’s fast-moving yet melancholic ensemble pieces are grounded in a realist aesthetic, revealing the intricacies of interpersonal relationships (between different generations and classes).

The festival also welcomes Japanese documentary filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda who will take part in a Q&A after the screening of his new film fresh from the Berlin International Film festival, The Cats of Gokogu Shrine, on 7 March. Kazuhiro Soda will also take part in an in-conversation event with producer Chuti Chang on 5 March.

The festival also features films from Korean filmmaker Hong Sangsoo, Hong Kong auteur writer-director-producer Ann Hui, Thai director Patiparn Boontarig, Chinese director Wang Bing and Chinese writer-director Wei Shunjun

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Image credit © SOLIDS BY THE SEASHORE (Patiparn Boontarig, 2023)