26 Dec 2017 - 30 Dec 2017

Bangladesh - 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show

Santaran Art Organization, Bangladesh organizes the 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2017, Chittagong, Bangladesh, from 26-30 December 2017. An international event entitled 'Human Ecology & Art', the exhibition includes works by artists from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

In the 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2017, Santaran's focus would be on the relation between humans and their natural, social, and surroundings. Entitled 'Human Ecology & Art', the main philosophical premise of this International event would create a platform for dialogues and exhibit the multidisciplinary art works of leading artists of artists-run organizations in national and international arena.

About 50 National, International Artists, Curator, Co-curator, Panel Speaker, Photographer, Filmmaker, Performance Artists, Theatre Artists, Musician and Child Artists from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Mauritius  will participate in the event. The Venue of the 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show 2017 will be the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Santaran Art Organization, Bangladesh is a Government registered non-profit artists-run organization. As a Multidisciplinary art organization Santaran is playing an important role in Chittagong as well as in the Bangladeshi art activities from 1998.

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