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06 Sep 2015 - 08 Sep 2015

Bangladesh | 1st Karnaphuli Folk Triennial



The 1st Karnaphuli Folk Triennial 2015 will take place in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 6-8 September, aiming to build a bridge between Bangladeshi folk art and the international folk art community. Karnaphuli Art Triennial 2015 is the first initiative to organize such a massive event in Chittagong. Santaran Art Organisation resolves to arrange the festival in every three years. We have a great heritage in the arts and culture, and through such an iterative Santaran hopes that the traditional art and culture of the region will be examined and made part of the global history. karnaphulilogoA Seminar will be organised, on the following themes:
  • Reflection of Folk, Popular, and Traditional Forms in Contemporary Art and Idea.
  • Present state of Folk and Traditional Art and a Way of Development and Persistence.
  • Traditional Alpana of Chittagong.
The 1st Karnaphuli Folk Triennial will feature works by artists from Bangladesh, India and Nepal including: India: Patachitra, Madhubani Painting.  Bangladesh: Cinema Banner Painting, Rickshaw Collage Art (Chittagong-based), Traditional Alpana of Chittagong. Artists and Art Works: We will collect about 60 artworks from 15 selective artists from three countries for the festival. The emphasis would be on traditional, folk, popular artists and their art style in present time. A selection would be made from the works of four contemporary artists who are employing the traditional art style(s) in their art. Exhibition: 1st Karnaphuli Folk Triennial 2015, 6th to 8th September 2015. 12pm-8pm. Venue:   Artist Rashid Chowdhury Art Gallery, Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Read more about the Triennial and see pictures on Facebook