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25 Nov 2011 - 27 Nov 2011

Bali Creative Festival

The Bali Creative Festival is an ambitious event that aligns contemporary creativity alongside traditional arts in order to trigger new perceptions and conversations about Indonesian culture. Conceived as a bridge between the past and the future, its aim is to attract the local youth population and instill a modern interpretation of Bali, a place often associated to tourism. The festival is organized by the Bali Creative Community (BCC) which was created in 2008 to set up festivals, workshops, and discussion groups. The community is focused on growing the local creative economy and promote the role of individuals and creatives in place-making and entrepreneurial development. The cultural programming is based primarily on new cultural content such as architecture, design, visual arts, music, and performances. It also reintroduces Bali's vast cultural heritage and traditions by showcasing them in a brand new context. This event is supported by influential local creative practitioners such as Ayip Arief Budiman, Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers, local architect Popo Danes, and radio DJ and music writer Rudolf Dethu. See programme of events