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01 Jun 2021 - 28 Feb 2022

Australia now | France 2021-22

Australia now comes to France for 2021-22, with a wide-ranging programme of events, launching in June 2021. Australia now is a celebration of events bringing France and Australia together — in business, research, technology, education, tourism, sport and the arts. This program gives unique opportunities for international market development and promotes Australia’s creative excellence, cultural diversity, and open economy.

Take a look at the programme

Australia now is an initiative of the Australian Government celebrating Australia’s creative excellence, diversity and innovation.

Each year, the Australia now program is delivered in a country or region of strategic significance. The program strengthens and deepens bilateral ties, and raises Australia’s profile as an innovative, creative nation – while building understanding beyond our landscape and lifestyle. Australia now promotes Australia’s cultural exchange, institutional networks, collaboration and people-to-people links while reflecting the cultural richness of Australia. Australia now demonstrates how contemporary Australia draws on our strong Indigenous culture and multicultural heritage, while promoting Australia as a key destination for tourism, study, research, innovation and investment.

Most of all Australia now is about building relationships for the future.

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