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09 Jan 2019

Australia now ASEAN 2019

Australia now is a celebration of Australia delivered annually in a country or region of strategic significance. 

Australia now ASEAN 2019 - announcing Southeast Asia as the Australia now focus region for 2019. 

Foreign Minister Bishop announced Southeast Asia as the 2019 Australia now focus region during the 2018 ASEAN Summit. 

The program will celebrate the strength and diversity of Australia's connections to ASEAN through the themes of youth dialogueexchange and girls' empowerment.

The program aims to strengthen and deepen bilateral ties, raise Australia's profile as an innovative, creative nation and build understanding beyond our landscape and lifestyle. Most of all Australia now is about building relationships for the future. 

Further details of the Australia now ASEAN 2019 will be announced soon.

Australia now programs:

  • promote Australia's creative excellence, diversity and innovation
  • strengthen institutional networks, cultural exchange, collaboration and people-to-people links 
  • reflect the cultural richness of Australia: demonstrating how contemporary Australia draws on its strong Indigenous culture and multicultural heritage, and 
  • promote Australia as a key destination for tourism, study, research, innovation and investment. 

The program took place in Germany in 2017, in Japan in 2018 and moves to Southeast Asia (ASEAN Region) in 2019.