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26 Jan 2018 - 28 Jan 2018

Art Stage Singapore


Art Stage Singapore, the flagship art fair of Southeast Asia, kicks off the international art season from 26-28 January 2018 with the very best of Asian contemporary art.

ART STAGE is the flagship show of the Southeast Asian art world and the region’s key voice in representing the interests of Asian art in the global arena. Through its insights on the regional art landscape, the Fair acts as a catalyst for driving international interest in and understanding of Southeast Asian art and igniting heightened market activity. ART STAGE also plays a pivotal role in developing and bridging various segmented art markets in the region. At the crossroads of Southeast Asia and the world, ART STAGE creates a singular and unified Southeast Asian market, positioned to be more competitive with the more developed global art markets in the West and China.

In 2017, Art Stage Singapore held the Southeast Asia Art Forum as part of the programme.

You can consult Market Reports for Thailand, Viet Nam and South Korea art markets on the website.