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20 Jan 2016 - 24 Jan 2016

Art Stage Singapore 2016 | Southeast Asia Forum

carousel-07 Art Stage Singapore has announced its programme and exhibitors for its 6th edition in January 2016, incorporating a new programme the Southeast Asia Forum. The art fair will present a brand new series of multidisciplinary talks and an exhibition focusing on Southeast Asia and the theme of urbanisation. Art Stage Singapore 2016 will run from 21 to 24 January 2016 (vernissage on 20 January), featuring 143 galleries from 32 countries around the world. Following the concept of an ‘Asian art fair’, 112 exhibitors are from across Asia – with 32 Singapore-based galleries. Alongside its normal programming, including a public art and an extended video section, the 2016 edition will also launch a publication entitled Catalyst. The book will be a reference guide for galleries, collectors and professionals providing insight into the major art markets and scenes in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia Forum True to its mission of contributing to the development of the Southeast Asian art scene and art market, Art Stage Singapore introduces a new programme for its 2016 edition, as an extension of the Southeast Asia Platform launched in 2014. The thematic programme, the Southeast Asia Forum (PDF download), references the ancient Roman forum or the Greek agora, and aims to position the art fair as an intersection between the exchange of art and ideas. Art fair Founder and President Lorenzo Rudolf is quoted in the press release as saying:
Our role […] in Southeast Asia is not about dealing with square metres of space on the fairground. More importantly, it is very much about raising the awareness for contemporary art and its role in our societies. A strong art scene and a deep public understanding of contemporary art will engender a robust art market. […] it is […] important […] to develop an active art ecosystem, to encourage a spirit of discussion and debate and foster a culture of curiosity about contemporary art in Southeast Asia.
Art and Urbanisation in Southeast Asia The inaugural Forum is entitled “Seismograph: Sensing the City – Art In the Urban Age” and comprises a series of talks and an exhibition centred around the theme of urbanisation. The Forum takes into consideration the role of contemporary art in the development of society in Southeast Asia, by broadening the discussion to include individuals from other fields. The Southeast Asia Forum argues that art is “part of the urban DNA” and artists are “seismographs of society’s pulses”. Read more about Art Stage Singapore and the Southeast Asia Forum on Art Radar Asia