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07 Jul 2012 - 08 Jul 2012


Action Parties is the brainchild of artist-curator Khairuddin Hori and was first held at The Substation in 2007. It’s a multi-disciplinary project that gives creative people a space to actualize their ideas over a specified duration, allowing them to use time as their medium. Everything from pineapple-tart making to a dialogue about money with then artistic co-director of The Substation Audrey Wong was included. Following a successful first edition, Action Parties #3 was held in See Scape Gallery, Chiang Mai in 2008. Back in Singapore for its third installment, this select group of creative heavy-hitters has turned a notch up on quirky. Here are some highlights: Carol Chan and her father will be turning the gallery into a strictly non-procrastination space; Reef, Lee Wen and friends will be experimenting with the physical space to create sounds; Daniel Beltrani wants to tackle the question of individuality vs collectivity … by walking; and two reinvented Pierrot and Pierrette wants to take audiences on a wistful journey through their own wish-making ritual. Expect a diverse range of ideas from creative people including copywriters, graphic designers, performance artists, anthropology students, a retired engineer, a busker and more. Action Parties #3 will be taking over the space this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 7 and 8 July 2012. Featuring: Carol Chan, Reef, Jason Lee, Lee Wen, Dennis Tan, Daniela Beltrani, Vincent Chow, Li Cassidy-Peet, Chand Chandramohan, Farah Ong, Natasha Wei, Miho Iwaki, Kai Lam, Yuzuru Maeda, Kamiliah Bahdar, Tamara Kisha Tan, Vanessa Yeo, Mary Jane Leo, Roy Payamal and more. DATES: SAT AND SUN, 7 & 8 JULY 2012 VENUE: ART SPACE AT DBL O (OPPOSITE 8Q at SAM) CURATED AND ORGANIZED BY JOLEEN LOH IN COLLABORATION WITH KHAIRUDDIN HORI (WUNDERSPAZE) FOR ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT: Joleen Loh, Independent Curator M: 97550076 E: