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07 Jul 2012 - 08 Jul 2012

KLEX in George Town 2012

KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival) is in George Town to present 2 international screening programmes, a single-channel video installation by Huvi Chan Seauhuvi and an audio-visual performance night, featuring artists and performers from Penang and Kuala Lumpur including Coma, Okui Lala, Ng Chor Guan, Yong Yandsen, Koji Tambata, RainF, Wong Eng Leong, Nobody’s Jack, Thian Siew Kim, Mouse and Kok Siew Wai; with a special screening of short videos by Koji Tambata (Japan). --------------------------------------- KLEX Screening I: From Remembering to Rising  Saturday, 7 July, 3:00pm-4:30pm This is a special selected KLEX program that consists of video works from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and Hungary, literally or indirectly exploring the themes of nostalgia, recollection and memory. The human brain is the most fundamental agent of archiving. Like it or not, it records everything every single moment. After the recording, some materials are remained while others are discarded, and then some are twisted, created (out of the absence of a desired memory) and re-created (perhaps because it’s too painful?). Memories are stored in different forms: image, sound, smell… that eventually provokes emotions. What is “real”? What we “see”, or “experience”, or what we “remember”? At times, the brain records an event with rapidly changing images and sensations. In those split seconds, which image and sensation will remain in our consciousness, allows new interpretations and enforce new actions? Featuring works by Au Sow Yee, Alison Khor, Chris Chong Chan Fui, Chew Win Chen, Kamal Sabran, Choi Sai Ho, Akiko Nakamura, Katsuyuki Hattori, Maki Satake, Adel Maulana Pasha and Peter Lichter. --------------------------------------- KLEX Screening II: Public Display of Affections  Saturday, 7 July, 5-6:30pm This programme consists of video works from Malaysia, USA, Colombia and Thailand, presenting or re-considering the relationships between the performers and the audience. Watch and be heard. This applies to both the artist and those who observe the artist’s work, the audience. The audience is the spectacle. The reaction of how we see a performance becomes more interesting then the event itself. But as the spectacle enters, the performance is plopped upon its ivory tower. Even if we don’t want to … we watch. An extreme close-up becomes a claustrophobic moment of intimacy that the audience may want to push away from. How intimate do you want to be with a character of a film? When the camera is flipped and an audience is being watched, who is the performer and who is the observer now? (Programme notes written by Chris Chong Chan Fui & Kok Siew Wai) Featuring works by Huvi Chan Seauhuvi, Kok Kai Foong, Niralji Ravishanker, Taiki Sakpisit, Charles Fairbanks, Angelica Piedrahita, Tales Frey and Stephanie Barber. --------------------------------------- Video Installation by Huvi Chan Seauhuvi Saturday, 7 July, 3pm – 7pm Sunday, 8 July, 7pm - 11pm Originally from Kuala Lumpur and currently settling in Penang, Huvi Chan is an aspiring performance artist and video artist. Her works show both the vulnerability and strength of an individual, using simple performances with the artist’s body, pondering over subjects such as meditation, femininity and human existence. Huvi will present a series of her works as simple video installation at the site as part of KLEX programs on 7th and 8th of July. --------------------------------------- Special Screening “Music Works” by Koji Tambata  Sunday, 8 July, 8-8:30pm KLEX audio-visual performance night opens with the screening of short works by Japanese video artist Koji Tambata, who works very closely with free jazz and experimental musicians and improvisers since 1996. His videos, to some, are visual music. Koji Tambata is a video artist with a deep interest in film, music, performance and philosophy. He has lived in USA for 10 years. During his stay in Buffalo, New York, he was known as “the musician who plays the video camera” in the art circle and he was always seen videotaping musicians at concerts. Koji has produced a series of solo multimedia concerts called “Music Works” since 1996 with live video, video installation, improvised and free jazz music and performance. He has participated in various festivals and events including In/Beyond Western New York, (E)merging: Western and Southern New York Media Art Exhibition, CLICK! Buffalo (USA), Artists & Models (USA), Notthatbalai Art Festival (Malaysia), amongst others. He has collaborated with Kok Siew Wai, Yong Yandsen, Tony Conrad, Steve Baczkowski, Jonathan Galove, Hylozoa, Eliav Brand, King Sunshine, Knowmatic Tribe Sound System and more. Koji is currently living in Thailand. --------------------------------------- Audio-visual Performances Sunday, 8 July, 8:30-11pm  Sight and sound shares much vocabulary as an artistic language. It has been a long history that filmmakers and musicians collaborate to find an integrated expression and language in colors, rhythms, shapes and tones. The audio-visual performance night features some adventurous local video artists and musicians who will present before the eyes of the audience exciting experiments with sounds and visuals. Performing video artists & musicians includes Coma, Okui Lala, Ng Chor Guan, Yong Yandsen, Koji Tambata, RainF, Wong Eng Leong, Nobody’s Jack, Thian Siew Kim, Mouse and Kok Siew Wai. --------------------------------------- More info: Contact:  Source: KLEX