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06 Jun 2011

Yunnan New Film Project

Yunnan New Film Project is part of China's New Film Project for Youth Directors and has been strongly supported and invested by Yunnan provincial government which is a landmark film program in China initiated to help more Chinese talented young women directors to explore their filmmaking potentials so as to contribute to rejuvenating Chinese film industry. YNFP involves 10 internationally known women filmmakers from Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong who are expected to make their own films based on Yunnan's ethnic unique cultures and adverse climate and topographies from this September to next. This is a low-invested film program, each of 10 ten films has to be done at the maximum of RMB 2 million. It is a big challenge for Lola, the chief producer as well as a significant attempt in Chinese film industry.

In recent years, Yunnan's film industry has been greatly promoted due to its multiple geographic and cultural advantages. From very south of Yunnan to the north, the provincial climate ranges from tropical zone to Frigid Zone. While diverse topographies include mountainous area, stone forest, grassland, desert-like land, snow mountains and rainforest, etc. Over the past four years, more than 200 films and teleplays have been made in the province.

Culturally, Yunnan is inhabited by 25 ethnic groups out of total 55 in the country. Abundant ethnic folk cultures have become colourful resources for Chinese film creation. And much traditional folklore is well preserved. Early from the 1950's to the 1960's, many popular Chinese films were made based on Yunnans' rich natural and cultural resources.

Yunnan has been lately designated as China's Film and Teleplay Creation Base. Plus currently existing 6 filming artificial bases, each of them involves billions of investment with different characteristics. Yunnan is expected to rejuvenate the regional film industry and promote Yunnan's films' popularity. While right now, Yunnan New Film Project has taken the brunt to make 10 films first to display Yunnan's cultural and natural charms and turn a new page for Chinese film industry development.