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04 Mar 2011

Ying E Chi

Ying E Chi is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 by a group of independent filmmakers. Its mission is to unite local independent filmmakers, as well as the promotion and distribution of Hong Kong Independent films. It has been financially assisted by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council since its inception. Since its inception, Ying E Chi had held hundreds of screenings at various venues in Hong Kong including art house cinemas, art centers, city halls, colleges and universities. It had also released a very popular HK Indie film series on VCD and DVD.

Board of Directors include:

Connie Lam is the Director of Corporate Communications and Development at the Hong Kong Arts Centre; Sandy Yip is an independent producer whose credits include the award winning First Love and Other Pains , Bamboo Doors and The Dogs; Kwok Wai-lun is an independent film director whose works include the feature films In the Dumps and And So and So; Wong Sau Ping is an independent film director whose previous film, Glowing had won the Gold Award and Grand Prize at the Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards 2000; Charlie Lam is a graduate of the Academy for Performing Arts and noted cinematographer whose credits include Tai Tai which competed in the Cannes International Film Festival 2002; and Vincent Chui is a founding member of Ying E Chi and a noted independent director whose works include Leaving in Sorrow (2002), Betrayal (1998) and Long Distance (1996).