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20 Aug 2013

Winzavod Contemporary Art Center

Winzavod is a contemporary art centre in Moscow inaugurated in 2007, located on the former territory of a winemaking enterprise. Winzavod is a complex of seven buildings of the XIX century, thus being the biggest contemporary arts centre in the country. The first one, the Red Hall, measures 770 square meters, and is suited for performances, photo and video installations. The Arched Hall measures 2,500 square meters, and is designed for large-scale projects and video art installations. The rest of spaces are the Wander Hall, the Hangar, the Vintage Hall, the Lecture Hall and the Excise Storehouse.

The whole complex offers a very wide variety of galleries aimed at presenting Russian and international pieces of contemporary art and new media projects. The centre also organizes creative workshops for children aged 3-16. More than 15 different art classes can be attended (oil painting and graphics, design, collage, modern arts, modelling, animation, audio) as well as activities focused on video editing, theatre, ceramics and sand animation.

The centre often serves as the main scenario for international art festivals, and holds all kinds of activities related to contemporary art and culture: expositions, conferences, film projections and concerts.

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