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13 Apr 2011

Wallonie Bruxelles Images - Wbimages

Wallonia Brussels Images (WBI) was created in 1984, is an official agency for the promotion of the export of the audio-visual sector in the Wallonia-Brussels community.

WBI is co-financed en co-managed by the “Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel” and the “Commissariat Général aux Relations Internationales”.

WBI has the missions:
• to facilitate the access of professionals of Wallonia-Brussels to the different audio-visual markets and to help them to promote and to sell theirs productions on the international markets;
• to be an information office for producers and exporters operating in Wallonia-Brussels also for purchasers, distributors and international festivals.

For these reasons, WBI:
• organises an umbrella stand for the professionals of Wallonia-Brussels on the main markets of television and film programmes;
• collaborates with different festivals, particularly by welcoming in Brussels the programmers and by being present;
• publishes different professional tools for promotion and information : Audio-visual Guide (professional list), Animation Guide, DVD of short-film promotion, website.

Moreover, WBI is a member of the European Film promotion (EFP), an association of German right. EFP regroups the whole of the European promotion agencies and leads actions for the promotion of the European film in Europe and outside Europe.