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14 Apr 2011

Flanders Image

Created in 1990, Flanders Image is the audiovisual export agency for Flanders and Brussels, Belgium.  It is in charge of the promotion of Flemish audiovisual creations abroad and is the sole official representative of Flanders cinema at all key international festivals and markets.

In 2003, Flanders Image became part of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) where its mission is to both maximise the cultural impact of Flemish audiovisual creations and enhance its economic growth abroad. As of 2009, there's also Location Flanders, the film commission.

Flanders Image supports Flemish audiovisual creations and talents at the major film festivals around the globe. It produces publications, both online and in print, informs curators and buyers, runs market and festival booths, etc.Together with third parties, it explores emerging markets and new and improved ways of presenting audiovisual creations.