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22 May 2011

European Film Promotion

European Film Promotion (EFP) is an international network of film promotion institutes from 37 countries from throughout Europe, each representing their national films and talent abroad. Under the EFP flag, these organisations team up to jointly promote the diversity and spirit of European cinema and talent at key film festivals and markets, in particular outside of Europe. EFP is financially supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and by its member organisations.

EFP offers and follows through on a broad range of promotional strategies for the European film industry, which include artistic as well as business-oriented platforms focusing on three main areas: Promotion of Films and Talent, Access to International Markets and Film Sales Support (FSS). EFP has primarily developed B-to-B programmes and initiatives in collaboration with established and respected partners, with the aim of creating a sustainable system which supports European cinema inside and outside of Europe.

European diversity and the European spirit are essential to all EFP initiatives: European values, the freedom of speech, the full integration of the culturally rich and unique nature of national cinema and its heritage rooted in the EFP membership.