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20 Aug 2013

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

As the Swiss Government's centre of competence for international cooperation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is responsible for development cooperation with the South and East, multilateral cooperation as well as for Switzerland's humanitarian aid. The SDC supports the culture sector in its partner countries and enables artists from the South and the East to access Swiss and international culture networks and markets

In its efforts to contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality, the SDC seeks to identify and build on the cultural resources, local knowledge, and creative forces available in the societies where it works. This approach is applied in all of the thematic areas and regions where the SDC is active. In addition, the SDC allocates funding specifically earmarked for the culture sector of its partner countries as well as to facilitate access for artists and culture professionals from the South and East to the Swiss and international markets. Art and culture are important factors in peacebuilding and sustainable development. Art and culture encourage freedom of expression, peacebuilding and sustainable development. The SDC's commitment in this sector allows it to promote crucial drivers of social change.