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06 Sep 2011

Sustainability in Craft and Design | Volume 3


The Craft Australia Research Centre announces the publication of the third volume of craft + design enquiry, its open access, peer-reviewed, online journal, interrogating discourses surrounding craft and design practice.

Edited by Dr Kevin Murray, Sustainability in Craft and Design explores how craft and design responds to the challenge of global warming by facilitating social change.  The six papers published in this issue by Rod Bamford, Matthew Kiem, Peter Hughes, Mary Loveday Edwards, Sharmila Wood, Emilia Ferraro, Rehema White, Eoin Cox , Jan Bebbington and  Sandra Wilson examine issues of sustainability in relation to aspects of craft and design practice in Australia, the United Kingdom and India.

Editorial by Kevin Murray

Towards a post-consumer subjectivity: a future for the crafts in the twenty first century? by Peter Hughes

Ideological constructs - past visions/future possibilities: evaluating the endangered subjects in the context of emerging global sustainability and environmental agendas by Mary Loveday Edwards

Theorising a transformative agenda for craft by Matthew Kiem

Ecology and the aesthetics of imperfect balance by Roderick Bamford

Craft and sustainable development: reflections on Scottish craft and pathways to sustainability by Emilia Ferraro, Rehema White, Eoin Cox , Jan Bebbington and Sandra Wilson

Sustaining crafts and livelihoods: handmade in India by Sharmila Wood

Source: Craft + Design Enquiry