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06 Aug 2014

Sungai Lembing Museum, Malaysia

Sungai Lembing 1Sungai Lembing 2 The Sungai Lembing Museum serves to disseminate information as well as display evidence of the celebrated history of tin mining in Sg Lembing, in line with its one-time status as the world's largest subterranean mine, as well as the richest town and the major producer of tin ore in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. The Museum was officially opened on 23 April 2005. The museum building, which is two floors high, is located on top of a hill. It was formerly the residence of managers of tin mining companies in Sungai Lembing, from the Pahang Corporation Limited (1887-1906) through to the glorious heyday of the Pahang Consolidated Company Limited (PCCL), from the years 1906-1986. The building, designed in the vernacular-colonial style, is known as European Bungalow 1 (or EB1 for short) to differentiate it from the residence of other senior British officers. Permanent collections: Sungai Lembing Museum showcases a collection of the original mining equipment used for subterranean tin mining in Sungai Lembing. Amongst the interesting pieces of this collection are the wooden moulds used for making spare parts for the machines that operated in the factories. There is also a kiew wheel and a winch, which are part of the equipment used to raise or lower mining workers, goods, wood, or iron in the tunnel, as well as for hauling the ore. The mini mox vehicle used to transport the General Manager to the mine or factory is also on display.

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