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11 Mar 2019

SEAStudy published - overview of independent film in Southeast Asia

Purin Pictures has published SEAStudy, a statistical overview of independent cinema in Southeast Asia.

SEAStudy is a long-term initiative to research independent films in Southeast Asia. By compiling data year to year, Purin Pictures aims to form as comprehensive a picture as possible of the general health of the SEA independent film industry.  Since the revenue cycle of a film is not complete until years after its release, each year's research is focused on films from two years prior. In this 1st edition of SEAStudy, we present the annual report for films world-premiered in 2016.

This publication serves as a resource for film professionals in the region and abroad. We hope that you will find it useful.  Finally, and most importantly, we thank all the filmmakers who took part in this initiative.

Purin Pictures is a film fund that supports independent cinema in Southeast Asia.  Started in 2017 under the Purin Foundation, we look for artists and organizations that are doing unique and essential work in a region that lacks adequate governmental support.  Managed by Anocha Suwichakornpong and Aditya Assarat, our funding programs cover film production, film post-production, and film-related activities.