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28 Nov 2016

PostModernism Museum

PostModernism Museum (PMM) pursuits to be an open flexible independent museum, a cultural centre, an educational driver, an environment that is responsive to the issues of contemporary culture, while being accessible to audiences ranging from academic scholars to young children and tourists. It is based in Bucharest / Romania / Europe and opened to all.

With curated art projects and a pool of various approaches of exhibiting modern and contemporary culture, PostModernism Museum is dedicated to the open conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental, being devoted to the culture of the 20 and 21 century.

Visitors would be able to experience special exhibitions of modern and contemporary culture, lectures by artists and critics, performances and film screenings, workshops for teens and adults, tours led by experienced guides. Projects of architecture, science, design and technology will complete the cultural programming of the museum.

The exhibition programme is to consist of group and solo exhibitions feature some of the leading contemporary artists, national and international, and there is an equal dedication to ensure that these exhibitions are accompanied by a challenging discursive programme that is to strive to open a dialogue not only with the visual arts, but with a variety of disciplines such as theatre, economics, sociology, philosophy, creative industries.

Through its close cooperation and collaboration with artists, researchers, and other cultural actors, PostModernism Museum aims to become a active participant in the international discourse on contemporary art, related fields and creative sector in general and to highlight current issues that are of concern to not only the arts, but also to society at large.

PostModernism Museum is an organisation in the service of present society and of its development, and open to the public, which researches, communicates and exhibits, for purposes of study, education and enjoyment.