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28 Nov 2016


4Culture is a non-profit association based in Bucharest with the aims to support the education of young artists, the research, production and dissemination of emerging creators in the field of contemporary art and dance.

The development of interdisciplinary projects is one of the objectives of the organization.

In 2007 Balkan Dance Platform is the main regional event in which ArtLink is active as co-organiser, supporting the Romanian participation.

In 2008, Jardin d’Europe program and European network coordinated by danceWEB Vienna – a new challenge for the next 5 years, embracing activities such as residencies, scholarships, productions and festivals. Eastern and Western European dance structures decide to use their experience, building a common infrastructure and activities supporting the emerging European dance scene.

After 5 years of experience as cultural manager and a lifetime activity as dancer and choreographer, Andreea Capitanescu, the artistic director of ArtLink Association, takes further a new challenge into the future.

Starting with 2010, most of the activities and projects organized so far by ArtLink Association (eXplore dance festival, Jardin d’Europe, Balkan Dance Platform) are now developed by 4Culture Association.

Andreea Capitanescu’s new team of 4Culture Association has the aim of continuing the existing projects and initiate new programs in the field of contemporary performing arts, as well as interdisciplinary projects.

4Culture started in 2010 with a series of educational projects which were addressing a large audience and participants, focusing on the young generation from the rural areas of Bucharest, and main cities of Romania.

4Culture is member of IETM network, Jardin d’Europe and Balkan Dance Platform.

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