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27 Aug 2013


Playmarket was founded by Robert Lord, Nonnita Rees, Judy Russell and Ian Fraser in 1973 to encourage the professional production of New Zealand plays and was registered in 1975 as a non-profit making incorporated society. Playmarket currently licenses almost 400 productions of New Zealand plays each year in New Zealand and internationally

Our vision: Empowering and representing New Zealand playwrights.

Our purpose is developing New Zealand's best playwrights and their plays through:

  • Promoting our playwrights' work nationally and internationally.

  • Upholding playwrights' standards and rights.

  • Providing access to New Zealand scripts.

  • Identification and development of playwrights of excellence.

  1. AGENT

The rights and interests of playwrights represented
The Playmarket Agency issues and manages performance licences, manages royalty payments, circulates plays to producers and theatres in NZ and internationally, advises on and negotiates agreements, and maintains an archive of playwrights’ work and materials related to it.


Practical support and advice to those in the business of writing plays
Making use of a raft of resources, industry knowledge, partnerships and networks our script advisors work to support all New Zealand playwrights.


NZ plays available to everyone, everywhere.
A comprehensive store of New Zealand plays (published and unpublished).

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