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27 Aug 2013

Royal New Zealand Ballet

Royal New Zealand Ballet is New Zealand’s National Ballet Company. They are a company of over 30 dancers who perform an eclectic repertoire of dance for national and international audiences.

The Ballet plays a central role in New Zealand’s performing arts scene. They present an eclectic repertoire of choreographic styles, from 19th century classics to 21st century contemporary works. The company attracts top New Zealand and international dancers, choreographers and designers. They are acknowledged for pushing the boundaries, stretching the limits, and taking the art of classical ballet forward.

Many freelance practitioners rely on the Ballet for occasional work, choreographic opportunities, technical advice, equipment hire and studio rental. The Ballet's resident staff are available to advise opera and theatre organisations in technical and management matters.

Image: Soloists Josh Guillemot-Rodgerson and Katherine Minor for Romeo & Juliet. Photo by Ross Brown.

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