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07 Apr 2011

Osterreichisches Filminstitut (Austrian Film Institute)

The Austrian Film Institute is a federal institution established to provide funding for Austrian films with regard to cultural and economic aspects. Its aims are:

a) supporting the production, dissemination and marketing of Austrian films which seem likely to achieve both audience approval and international recognition, thereby enhancing the economic viability, quality, autonomy and cultural identity of Austrian film productions,
b) supporting the cultural, economic and international aspects of the Austrian film industry, especially by measures aimed at developing new talent and by drafting an annual film industry report,
c) improving the international orientation of Austrian film and, hence, the basis for the dissemination and market-oriented exploitation of Austrian films in Austria and its economic and cultural impact at international level, particularly by supporting the presentation of Austrian film domestically and abroad,
d) supporting Austrian-international co-productions,
e)supporting co-operation between the film industry and television providers to strengthen Austrian cinema films,
f) working towards a harmonisation and coordination of film funding between the Federal and "Länder" levels (regional funding).