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03 Jul 2011

National Archives of Singapore

The National Archives of Singapore (NAS) is the keeper of records of national or historical significance. The records acquired by NAS come from both public agencies and private sources. Records in various mediums and formats are safeguarded and preserved.

The immensely rich collection continues to grow as NAS fulfils its mission to actively acquire records that will serve as the corporate memory of the Government and the social memory of our people. This memory allows current and future generations of Singaporeans to understand our different cultures, explore our common heritage and appreciate who we are and how we became a nation.

The departments that support the functions of NAS are:

  • Archives Services Department

  • Records Management Department

  • Oral History Centre (OHC)

  • Audio Visual Archives

  • Outreach

NAS is an institution of the National Library Board (NLB). NAS is guided by the National Library Act to:

  • Advise public agencies on recordkeeping standard practices, take custody of records transferred from public agencies and act as the Official Keeper

  • Acquire through deposit, audio visual recordings that have been broadcasted or made public in Singapore

  • Collect oral history interviews on the history of Singapore

  • Acquire, by purchase, bequest, donations or otherwise, any document, book or other material which is or is likely to be of national or historical significance

  • Make known information concerning archives by any means, including publications, exhibitions and heritage promotional activities