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06 Aug 2019

Bangsamoro Museum, the Philippines

Officially launched on 4 February 2019, the Bangsamoro Museum serves as the repository of artifacts, art works, and documents relevant to the cultural and historical memory of the people within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). The Bangsamoro Museum shall be responsible for the acquisition, documentation, preservation, and exhibition of artifacts, works of art and textual and iconographic records representative of the region’s unique identity and its people’s diverse cultures. Currently, the Bureau on Cultural Heritage (BCH) of BARMM handles the supervision and management of the Bangsamoro Museum. Permanent collections The permanent collections of the Bangsamoro Museum include the following:
  • Kulaman burial jars
  • Traditional musical instruments of the BARMM
  • Brasswares, traditional ornaments, and artifacts
  • Documents pertinent to the Peace Process
  • Remains/ acquired traditional and cultural items damaged by the Marawi Siege (May 2017)
  • LED TVs which display video documentation
  • "Awang" (boats)
  • Ancient alphabet (kirim) display
  • Cultural and traditional products from the BARMM provinces
  • Historical photos

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