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02 Mar 2012

National Archives of Singapore

National Archives of Singapore    National Archives of Singapore
First established in 1968, the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) houses the collective memory of Singapore as a nation, so that current and future generations of Singaporeans will understand its different cultures, explore common heritage and appreciate how far we have come in the nation-building process.
From government files, private memoirs, historical maps and photographs to oral history interviews and audio-visual materials, NAS collects, preserves and manages Singapore's public and private archival records, some of which date back to the early 19th century. As the official custodian of the corporate memory of the government, NAS manages public records and provides advice to government agencies on records management. NAS’ repository of archival materials makes it a trusted research centre for anyone seeking information about the country's history.  Outreach NAS promotes public interest in Singapore’s history and heritage through travelling exhibitions that are placed in schools, community clubs, shopping centres and other locations around the island. Interactive versions of several exhibitions can also be found online. NAS also holds guided tours and enrichment programmes at its two World War II interpretive centres, namely Reflections at Bukit Chandu and Memories of Old Ford Factory. These permanent galleries display artefacts and a wealth of historical information about those who fought valiantly to defend the country from the Japanese invaders and life in Singapore during the occupation that followed the fall of Singapore. Publications  Over the years, NAS has produced many notable publications and interactive resources which are useful to students, researchers and anyone interested in the history and heritage of the nation. These publications and interactive resources are anchored on our archives and are essential tools in sharing the collective memory of Singapore.
Being part of the ASEMUS network increases the visibility of NAS on the international stage. This enhances NAS’ ability to reach out to other institutions in the field of heritage and archives for mutually beneficial collaborations, sharing of expertise and information. Through ASEMUS, NAS contributes towards building greater people to people understanding and good relations.
Collection size: NAS holds more than 5.76m file records from public agencies, 6m photographs, slides and negatives, 245,000 maps and building plans, 73,000 hours of audio-visual recordings, 17,000 hours of oral history recordings and 5,800 posters. Collection: File records, speeches and press releases, photographs, slides and negatives, maps and building plans, audio-visual and oral history recordings and posters.