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05 Jun 2011

Nadácia Pontis / Pontis Foundation

A leading grant making and operational foundations in Slovakia.  The name of the foundation is taken from the Latin word for “bridge” and expresses the foundation purpose:  to connect the sectors of Slovak society with one another and to link sources of financial support with those who need it. Pontis encourages individuals and businesses to take responsibility for those in need and for the world around them, contribute to the building of democracy in non-democratic countries, create awareness about this need in Slovakia, and advocate for values-oriented Slovak and EU foreign policies.

The foundation mission:

Building a democratic Slovakia by bridging borders and engaging citizens.

The Pontis Foundation was established in 1997 as the successor to the Foundation for a Civil Society. Pontis has more than 10 years of experience in managing grant and foundation funds. Since 1997 the foundation provided support to a total of 339 projects in a total amount of SK 47,734,633.

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