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14 May 2019

Museum Nord

Museum Nord is a non-profit, government-supported organisation within the national museum network of Norway, operating 21 different museum units in northern Nordland. Museum Nord contributes to the collection and documentation of historic sites and objects, carrying out research, and disseminating and promoting the cultural and natural history of Ofoten, Vesterålen and Lofoten. In this context the museum works towards the preservation of archaeological and architectural buildings and monuments, physical environments of cultural significance, and the region’s intangible cultural heritage.

Museum Nord was established in 2002 by recommendation of the Ministry of Culture, Norway with the aim to consolidate and professionalise all the public museums in these 3 regions, and to communicate heritage knowledge to a wider audience. There are 3 regional museums like Museum Nord in Nordland County today: Helgeland Museum (South), Nordland Museum (Middle) and Museum Nord (North).

The work of Museum Nord concentrates on 4 central themes

  • Fisher-farmer society, fishing industry and marine resources
  • Mining industry
  • Arctic Vikings
  • Seafaring, expeditions and trade by sea and land

Museum Nord is a centre of expertise and professionalism for the region, and it is an active part of the national museum network. Museum Nord is involved in the development of museum offerings and functions; it supports networks and collaboration on a local, regional, national and international level. Museum Nord participates in international networks (EU projects).