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06 Aug 2014

Museo De La Salle, Philippines

De La Salle - CaidaDe La Salle - Puerta Mayor The Museo De La Salle is a lifestyle and decorative arts museum featuring certain aspects of the 19th-century Philippine lifestyle. It was set up to foster its use in cross-disciplinary learning and growth in an academic environment and with respect to its immediate community. The Museum building design takes inspiration from the 19th-century Bahay na Bato (stone house), a two-storey building with stone, brick and mortar structure at the ground level, and is usually made of wood on the second level. The emergence of the Bahay na Bato marked the remarkable lifestyle of the 19th-century Christian Philippines. A Bahay na Bato was filled with fine furniture and objects to showcase the owner's personal style, affluence and status in society. Permanent collections: The Museo De La Salle collection comprises antique family heirlooms such as furniture, decorative objects, as well as fine and applied arts, all displayed in faithfully-recreated rooms. The Museo De La Salle is a contributor to ASEMUS Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces. 16 pieces among its thousands of objects are presented as part of the project. These notable pieces, reminiscent of the Victorian era in Europe, represent the fine Filipino craftsmanship in furniture making and design.

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