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02 Jun 2011

Motion Picture And Television Engineering Society Of Japan Inc.

Established in 1947 as the Motion Picture Engineering Society of Japan, the name was changed in 1965 to the Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan. The society is made up of companies and organizations involved in film and television (corporate members) and people engaged in film and television engineering (individual members). It is the only nonprofit organization in Japan to encompass all aspects of motion picture and television engineering within the scope of its activities. As of March 2003, membership the society totaled about 3,500, including 2,500 full individual members, 300 full corporate members, and 700 student and associate members. Every year the society presents the Movie & TV Engineering Expo, an event with an average attendance of 20,000. Seminars are also held, and the research committees, including the television engineering committee, the film & video processing committee, the cinematography committee, the animator committee, the motion picture equipment industrial committee and the student committee hold activities on a regular basis. Since its founding, the society has published a monthly journal that is currently titled "Motion Picture and Television Engineering". It also publishes a manual, "The Motion Picture and Television Handbook", and various other materials on technical subjects. (All of them are written in Japanese.) The society is active in setting recommended standards related to motion picture and television technology and also compiles an annual progress report published in Japan and abroad which surveys developments in the field.