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12 Jun 2011

Solar Films

Solar Entertainment Corporation is a duly recognized company in the Philippines that mainly distributes theatrical movies from Hollywood to European and Asian titles of different genres and also releases videos under its own label. Moreover, Solar also currently handles film distribution of United International Pictures for the Philippines.
Established in 1976 as Solar Films, Solar Entertainment Corporation is the first broadcast media company in the Philippines to have successfully brought to television a rich and diverse selection of entertainment and sports programs. It crosses borders to acquire TV rights from the world’s leading studios and producers, and put the shows together in its roster of premier entertainment and sports channels ---- ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, C/S Origin, C/S 9, Solar Sports and Basketball TV. Just recently Solar acquired the rights to cover and broadcast the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the Philippines and also has the rights to air the 2012 Olympics in London.
Solar owns and operates the Domestic Satellite Philippines, Inc., the country’s first fully digital, server-based broadcast system that distributes its various television program services to cable and terrestrial channels. And with its close involvement with the Motion Picture Anti Film Piracy Council as well as lobbying support for the Anti Film Piracy Bill in congress, Solar’s commitment to firm up the entertainment industry is without parallel.
Blazing the trail of unimagined possibilities for Philippine cinema and television, Solar commits itself to show only the biggest titles and the largest events for a total entertainment experience.

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