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02 Jun 2011

National Association Of Commercial Broadcasters In Japan (NAB)

NAB, the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan,is a private,non-profit corporation representing commercial broadcasters in Japan.It was established as a voluntary organization on 20 July 1951 by 16 commercial radio companies ,and was approved by Radio Regulatory Commission (independent administrative authority which existed 1950-52) to become a non-profit incorporated association on April 21,1952.Its membership now companies of all the terrestrial radio and television broadcasters as well as part of satellite audio and television broadcasters including BS*-TV,BS-PCM** and CS***-PCM broadcasters. NAB covers the wide range of activities to benefit commercial broadcasting industry in Japan as well as to find ways to best serve the audience. NAB is an Associate Member of ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) and EBU (European Broadcasting Union), and an Institutional Member of IIC (International Institute of Communications). NAB organizes and participate international conferences and events both at home and abroad. NAB organizes Annual Convention in Autumn (General Affairs Committee/Annual Convention Committee), NAB Awards contests for programs, commercials, and technical achievements, seminars for the staff and executives of member companies, and other necessary events for the development of the broadcasting industry.