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20 Aug 2013

Moscow Dance Agency TsEKh

The Moscow Dance Agency TsEKh started in 2000 when Moscow independent dancers and choreographers created an artistic association "TsEKh" thus opening the space for experiment and innovation. The association launched the project "Saturdays in TsEKh" which for the first time was regularly presenting dance theatres' works to Moscow audiences.

In 2001 with the support of the Ford Foundation the association developed into the non commercial partnership Dance Agency TsEKh. The agency is dedicated to establishing fertile artistic environments and an efficient infrastructure for contemporary dance in Russia. In the first 5 years TsEKh has managed to develop high standards of professionalism, established national and international cultural links, and become an expert, and highly regarded consultant in the Russian contemporary dance field.

The agency is the member of a number of national and international networks. In 2002 TsEKh was an initiator of Russian Dance Theatres Network, listing cities such as Arkhangelsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Saransk, S.-Petersburg, Yarolsavl and Moscow.

The agency TsEKh represents the interests of Russian dancers, choreographers and performers at local, regional and international levels. The activities run by TsEKh emphasise the independent and innovative character of Russian dance theatre today, an art form which is an important and integral part of Russian culture.