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17 Jun 2019

Cross Year Russia and Viet Nam launched in Moscow

The opening ceremony of the Cross Year of Russia and Vietnam was held in Moscow in May. It started with My Homeland - Vietnam concert. Its program included the most interesting examples of Vietnamese music. Famous Vietnamese singers, dancers and musicians, artists of Vietnamese Theater of Music, Song and Dance appeared on the big stage of the concert hall in Zaryadye Park.

The guests of honor of the holiday were the Heads of the Russian and Vietnamese governments, Dmitry Medvedev and Nguyen Suan Fook.

According to Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Moscow and Hanoi cherish the common pages of history and plan to develop bilateral relations. He expressed confidence that holding Cross Year once again testifies to the multifaceted nature that the interaction between the two countries bears. Russian and Vietnamese peoples have been linked by strong friendship based on mutual sympathy for decades, Dmitry Medvedev stressed.

He added that people in Vietnam are very interested in their national culture. And the people of our country are discovering the rich Vietnamese history. Exhibitions, concerts and film screenings included in the Cross Year program will allow both peoples to get to know each other better.

Prime Ministers also attended a photo exhibition depicting historical and cultural monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vietnam. The exposition includes 40 pictures.

Further information: the Russia - Viet Nam Cross Year was first announced in 2017