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04 Jul 2011

Dance Centre school of performing arts

Dance Centre School of Performing Arts is Thailand’s private-run ballet and modern dance academy. It offers a wide range of dance courses that cater for different age groups.

The centre has established its global network with many cultural organisations. The centre formed its own company, the Company of Performing Art, with the objective to promote the sustainable development of performing arts in Thailand by serving as a platform for young dancers, composers and choreographers to show their originality and creativity in the major performing art festivals.

Since 1985, Dance Centre teaches various dance/movement of various styles such as classical ballet based on British and Russian styles, jazz, contemporary dance, creative dance, hip-hop, street dance, latin, ballroom, and rhythmic gymnastics. The school also provides access to a full range of mind/body development courses for both children and adults ranging from Hatha Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Ch’uan to Aikido and Kung Fu. Dance Centre school of performing arts caters to the needs of different groups from the very young, through to professional dancers, adult beginners, teenagers and executives.

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