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01 Mar 2011

Mission Cinema – The Paris Film Office

The town of Paris always maintained close and impassioned links with the cinema.
By creating the Mission Cinema in January 2002, the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, wanted to affirm his attachment with the cinema and his will to preserve the Parisian cultural exception in this field.

The objective of the Mission Cinema: is to preserve the richness of the cinema diversity the city offers. It is also to impel a coherent policy of support in favour of the cinema around five principal axes:
1. Parisian independent movie theatres
2. Cinema Education
3. Events in favour of the cinema
4. The images Forum
5. Shootings in Paris

These various axes of intervention were the subject of a dialogue between the Town of Paris and the State (regional Direction of the cultural affairs of Island-of-France and the national Center of cinematography) which signed, for the first time, a cinematographic convention of development in October 2003.

Total budget (operation and investment) of the Mission cinema : 10 925 000 euro.