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02 Jul 2011

Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC)

The Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) is a public administrative organization, set up as a separate and financially independent entity. The centre comes under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The principal missions of the CNC are : regulatory, support for the film, broadcast, video, multimedia and technical industries, promotion of film and television for distribution to all audiences, and preservation and development of the film heritage.

The CNC manages the State’s financial support for the film and television industries, together with the grants awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It also supervises the financing instruments of the sector to do with tax relief.

The CNC:

  • studies and draws up legal and regulatory texts;

  • issues operating licenses to companies (producers, distributors, exhibitors, etc.), and professional cards to those employed in film creation;

  • issues the authorisations needed for film and television productions;

  • issues temporary and permanent authorisations for film and television tax credits;

  • supervises the programming for movie theatres;

  • controls ticketing and box-office declarations;

  • investigates requests for exemptions from the official period for exhibiting films in video format;

  • advises the CSA on the European qualification of productions and their qualification as

  • independent productions;

  • regulates the video sector;

  • convenes the Film Classification Commission and runs its secretariat;

  • maintains the public cinematography andtelevision register.

The European and International Affairs Department, in liaison with the other CNC and Ministry of Culture and Communication departments concerned, is in charge of defining and implementing the multilateral policy in the film and television sector, at both a European level (European Union, Council of Europe) and an international level (WTO, OECD, UNESCO, etc.). It also analyses and monitors all technical and legal matters that affect television, even if they are not directly concerned with the sector.

Apart from the CNC’s economic aid for exhibition, selective schemes for the creation and modernisation of movie theatres, the modernisation of independent movie theatres in Paris, and the printing of copies for small/mid-sized towns. In addition, there are special schemes to support the broadcasting of cinéma d’auteur and little-seen films;

Apart from the documentary fund for culture images, the CNC also helps to fund associations that broadcast productions for the cultural sector;

Grants are allocated to national and international festivals where the professional aspect is in line with CNC concerns, the most famous being the Cannes Festival. The CNC also contributes to the export and promotion of French film and television productions abroad in liaison with the other Ministries involved, notably through its financial support for Unifrance Film International and TV France International.