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08 Jan 2018

Manila Art Archive


Published by the Japan Foundation, Manila, Art Archive (Vol. 01) is a collection of essays on Filipino contemporary visual and performing arts. It is the first book in a series that explores current trends and concerns in Philippine contemporary art. Featuring essays by contemporary artists, performers, art writers, curators, journalists, and experts in the field of Philippine contemporary art, dance, and theater, it aims to illuminate the state(s) of visual and performing arts in the Philippines today.

The essays put forward a diverse set of perspectives about contemporary visual and performing arts in the archipelago. We hope that this much needed publication will serve as a resource for readers interested specifically in Filipino art and also contribute constructively to the dialogue on contemporary art in Southeast Asia.

In line with the Japan Foundation’s aim of carrying out comprehensive international exchange programs throughout the world, the book is published in a digital format for accessibility and distribution on a global scale. As a primer, it is meant to be used as a resource to foster cultural exchange and knowledge sharing for artists, educators, curators, museum-goers, galleries, performing arts spaces, and art and cultural institutions in the Philippines and abroad.

The essays can be downloaded free.