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30 Nov 2023

Japan Foundation grants 2024

The Japan Foundation invites individuals and organisations that are planning international exchange projects and activities to participate in programmes of the Japan Foundation.

The Japan Foundation organises programmes to introduce various aspects of Japanese arts and culture all over the world. In addition, it promotes networking and human resources development in the arts and cultural fields by interactive collaboration/co-production and through dispatching and invitation of specialists. Below are a number of grant opportunities. 

Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists

This programme is designed to provide financial support for artists and Japanese cultural specialists who participate in cultural events (e.g., performances, demonstrations, lectures, and workshops) overseas with the aim of introducing Japanese arts and culture or of contributing to international society through arts and cultural projects.

Deadline: 30 November 2023

International Creations in Performing Arts

The Japan Foundation seeks organisations that will jointly organise international creations in performing arts between Japanese and international artists.

Deadline: 30 November 2023

Ishibashi Foundation/The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art

This programme aims to support the development of professionals specialising in the study of Japanese visual arts by providing an opportunity for curators and researchers from abroad to conduct research in Japan, and by so doing, promote the study of the field and the introduction of Japanese art overseas.

Deadline: 30 November 2023

Exhibitions Abroad 

This programme is designed to provide financial support for museums and art institutions overseas that organise exhibitions introducing Japanese art and culture to audiences overseas. In addition, this programme is designed to support overseas international exhibitions such as biennials/triennials introducing Japanese artists and their works.

Deadline: 30 November 2023

Translation and Publication

This programme is designed to provide partial financial support for overseas publishers intending to translate and publish works originally written in Japanese. The programme aims to foster better understanding of Japan by encouraging overseas publishers to translate and publish Japanese works. The grant covers part of the translation and publication costs (e.g. costs for paper, typesetting, platemaking, printing, and binding).

Deadline: 20 November 2023

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