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14 Apr 2014

Wochi Kochi magazine | on cross-cultural exchanges with Japan



"Wochi Kochi Magazine" is a web magazine in English and Japanese offering stories and topics on cross-cultural exchanges between Japan and other countries. Wochikochi Magazine is produced by the Japan Foundation and carries interviews, contributed articles and serialized stories written by experts in a variety of professional and academic fields on a special topic each month.

Among the most recent articles, you can read about:


as well as reviews, interviews with up and coming artists and more ...

The name “wochikochi” denotes places and times and expresses the desires to spread the Japanese language and culture overseas, deepen mutual understanding with other countries, and play a role as a cultural bridge that spans not only across countries but also among peoples. It derives its meaning from a word in the ancient Japanese “Yamato” language for “here and there” or “the future and the present".