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07 Jun 2011

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

Each year during 10 days in September, Lund, the idyllic city of southern Sweden, becomes a meeting place for film-audiences, film-business and filmmakers from all over the world. Here everyone is offered a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the best and the latest within fantastic cinema. In addition the festival offers lectures, exhibitions and other festivities in connection with fantastic film.
Fantastic film is usually used as a collective term for film genres like science fiction, fantasy and horror. But Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (FFF) does not set narrow limits for what can be screened at the festival. In short fantastic cinema is about imagination. The aim of the festival is to help stretch the limits of the imagination, and to reinforce the intrinsic value of imagination in films.

The festival programmes consist in focuse on different directors, on the cinematography of different countries and on specific themes. Special focus is always though on the European continent, which contributes with at least 70% of the films of the festival.

Since 1998, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (FFF) is the Swedish representative of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF), whose goal is to promote fantastic films in Europe.
In collaboration with EFFFF, the festival arranges the prestigious Méliès competition, named after the French movie pioneer Georges Méliès, where the best European fantastic feature and short films are awarded.