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27 Feb 2014 - 03 Mar 2014

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival

140130yubari This weekend, the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, held on the snow-capped Japanese mountains of Hokkaidō, returns with a feast of science fiction, fantasy and horror film treats for cinema lovers. Beginning on 27 February, the festival lasts for four days, closing on Monday 03 March. The Yubari International Film Festival  is one of the first festivals held in a resort-like environment. Founded in 1990, it has its 24th edition this year. The aim not only to promote films but also to interact locals, filmmakers and cinephiles from around the world with delicious foods of Hokkaido, skiing or snowboarding. Furthermore, the festival is renowned for encouraging and facilitating the careers of new and upcoming directors. Uncelebrated artists and an homage to filmmakers who have made contributions to cinema is the major focus of the 2014 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. Mike Hostench, deputy director of Spain's Sitges Film Festival, and Thomas Nam, managing director of the Network of Asian Fantastic Films at South Korea's Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, will serve as judges along with Japanese actors Takumi Saito and Eihi Shiina. Director Kichitaro Negishi will serve as the lead judge. For the Inter Film/ Short Film Competition category, which was established last year, Puchon International Student Animation Festival programmer Eugene Kim, SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HORLOCK anime director Shinji Aramaki and visual effects supervisor Tsuyoshi Kazuno will serve as judges. The festival’s programming focus is on the weird and wonderful; accordingly, the festival is bookended by opening film THE GREAT SHU RA RA BOOM - a magnificent adventure story based upon Manabu Makime's best-selling novel - and powerful closing gala SEVEN WEEKS, where history and memoir are beautifully interwoven through the prism of the Suzuki family. The programme also features Oscar contenders, short films and Disney classics for the kids. The festival website, including full progamme information, is located here.