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06 Sep 2010

Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers

Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers (1990) publishes around 60 books per year and its members are ranged among 10 biggest Lithuanian publishing houses. The scope of its publications is very wide: new books by Lithuanian authors, including prose, poetry, essays, memoirs and critical studies, also books for children, the first books by young authors, books from the literary canon and exiled authors as well as translations of elite foreign literature.  The scope of its publishing interests also includes books on Lithuanian history, children books, albums and references.

The output of Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers publishing concern is determined by strict selection, high-quality printing and design. Authors of the books, published by this publishing house, were awarded numerous literary awards –and the most prestigious National Award among them. Also, the publishing house was awarded various prizes at Lithuanian and Baltic book art competitions.

Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers participates in the national programme of books publication. It is a regular participant of national and international book fairs.

The main series:

  • Winners of National Culture and Art Awards

  • Lithuanian Literary Treasures XX Century

  • Premium

  • Contemporary Poets of the World

  • The First Book

In 2015, Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers celebrates its jubilee year. On this beautiful occasion the public is invited to decorate the original books by artist Deimante Rybakovienė, specially created by the publishing house with a commemorative stamp.